“I was the daddy he was looking for.”

I am into leather. Really into leather. I get horny not only with the sex accessories, but mostly with everything leather. The touch, the sound, the smell. Everything excites me. As a result, whenever I come in contact with leather I get a boner. This can happen everywhere, it doesn’t matter the place. I could be in the bank and the cashier rubs accidentally two leather folders and my dick is hard as a rock.


So one day I went shopping. I needed a new suit. I went to a fancy shop, wanting to upgrade my wardrobe and spoil myself for all the hard work I had done. The shop was quiet, it was late afternoon and I was the only customer. The man working there was a hunk guy around 35-38 years old, grey hair, sexy cute face. He was polite enough to help me go through the designs they had. I liked him. He was very submissive. Treating me like royalty. Talking to me very formally. We chose a couple of suits for me to try on and he showed me where the changing room was. I put on the first one and got out to check myself at the mirror. He nod that it looked good but there was something missing. He left and came back one minute later with a leather belt on his hands. “Here you go Sir.” The moment I see the belt around his hand my cock got hard. My bulge was puffed and he noticed. “Let me help you, Sir.” he said and got on his knees, putting the belt on, with his hands grabbing my waist and his face being just a couple of inches away from my bulge.

“Good boy” I said and patted him on the head as I instantly understood what he was asking for. “Thank you, Sir.” he said trembling from excitement. “Can I assist you in any other way, Sir?”

I then grabbed his chin and moved his head upwards so I could see his horny face drooling for more pleasing. “Perhaps you can help me with this” I said while my other hand was rubbing my thick cock. I then pressed his face on my bulge, making him breathe deeply in awe. Slowly, his hands unzipped the pants, revealing my cock that was hard as a rock and wet from excitement. He started blowing me, with his eyes looking straight into my soul. I was the daddy he was looking for. “That’s enough, son” I said while taking my cock out of his mouth. “Now you will give me your ass.” His eyes went wet, nodding silently that this was what he truly wanted. He turned, put his pants down, spread his butt wide open and with his face touching the floor whispered “Breed me daddy.” I spitted, getting his ass ready for me, and I pushed my blown up cock deep inside him. He was in pain, but he was enjoying it. I slapped his butt, leaving my hand mark as my cum was filling his inside. He was trembling! He was paralyzed. He enjoying every drop. We sat there for a moment to relax. I gave him a kiss and told him “Good boy.” I bought both suits.

Marc, 48, Barcelona.