"Babe! Is that your tongue?”

By Request  

It took most of the day. I’d squatted in the bath until my thighs felt torn. I was cold. But 2 razors, half a can of shaving gel and a lot of pain later? I’d done it.

I stood with my back to the mirror. I looked over my shoulder and spread my cheeks:

Oh damn. I’d always been a little lad, with a little peachy arse, but now? With that freshly shaved peach spread? My hairless pink boy hole jutting out of it? My god, I looked like a barely legal girl.  

I bet any red-blooded male would love to fuck that, I reckoned. Hell, I’d love to fuck that.

I stared into the virginal boy puss reflected back at me …

Should I try cock? I asked myself, tapping a finger at my hole … Would I be able to take it? I asked myself, worming the tip of my finger in there … And if I could, I asked myself, knuckle deep in my hot tight tunnel … would I like it?  


I jumped, yanked my finger out of me and turned:

“Well?” she asked, leaning against the doorframe with her arms folded.

“Bald as a coot!” I promised.

“Very well,” she said. “On the bed.”

I did as I was told. I lay on my back with my legs in the air.

“Oh my,” she came over. “You weren’t joking, were you?”

“Well, you said I’d have to shave if –”

“No, babe, seriously,” she knelt down to get a closer look. “I mean, that looks really good.” I felt her fingers run up my crack… “You even did that bit between your arse and your balls…” her palm cupped it. Her whole hand was between my legs. “You’ve got a line, there,” she traced it… “It looks like a scar from stitches,” she tickled at it… “It’s so pink and clean… like a, like a…”

“Like a pussy sealed shut?” I offered.

“Yeah. God, babe. I’ve got more hair between my pussy and arse than that. You look so clean. So clean and shiny and young…”  

“And what about my shit hole?” I asked. “Good enough to eat?”

She said nothing.


I felt a firm wetness poke me under the balls…

“Oof. Babe! Is that your tongue?”

It ran down my scrotal line – my scar – my sealed pussy – strong and wet as a freshly dipped paintbrush…

“Are you gonna do it?” I craned my neck left and right, peering out from either side of my stiffy… “You gonna tongue fuck me, are you, you shameless bitch?”

Then I got my answer –

shlup! she entered me –

It was hot with cold, it was freezing heat, this invading muscle, this moist tingly fillet – a possessed fish swimming into the core of me, lighting up a thousand nerves to electric life as it went –

“How’d I taste?” I gasped. “You like that? You like kissing my shit hole?”

Her tongue up me, her open drooling mouth clamped against my groin, she tried to answer:

“Mmmm, yoo taze guu…”

Colour raped me from the inside-out – I gushed a fountain of white –

My cock machine gunning – jut jut jut jut –

I could only thrash, the pleasure pinning me down, as my own sperm rained down on me…

She unplugged her tongue – shlop! – and stood up.

“Pah!” she smacked her lips. “Mmm,” she licked them. “Tasty daddy.”

“Dirty…fuckin…bitch…” I panted. “Now clean me up!”

“Wait, lemme put on my school uniform,” she went over to the wardrobe.

I lay there, legs twitching, as I watched her switch. I lay there, my hot seed melting on me, as she peeled out of her dom leathers and into her stepdaughter getup. And as I lay there, admiring her round ass squeeze under that tiny chequered skirt, I couldn’t help but wonder how my pink little tasty crack would look in it, too.

Life was fun.

As a smart and judgemental man, I had always been frustrated by my species, particularly when it came to discovery: we still had the bottom of oceans to touch, the corners of outer space to reach … but we stayed here, bogged down by our own trivial, and often financial, bullshit. Sometimes it would really get me down, thinking of these places we still had yet to investigate, and maybe never would in my lifetime, maybe never… the worlds we’ve abandoned, in favour of unnecessarily divisive human follies… but! I realised, as I started fingering my wet boy puss, there was still plenty to explore right on our doorsteps, wasn’t there? There’s still plenty to see and do upon ourselves, I realised, sliding into myself once more… there’s a whole world right here.

Tanner, 36, Brighton, UK