“Don’t mind me.”

I am a nature lover! I love any outdoors activity. As a result I love cruising as well. Doing something in public always excited me. I love coming with the sun caressing my naked body. I love the idea of meeting strangers that we both love the same thing. No names needed, just raw pathos. Pure lust for a body, a cock, a butt, a face. Enjoying the magic of the moment.

As every city that respects itself, Athens has many cruising spots, inside and outside the city. Even though I do not live very central, and thus not very close to the central, more busy cruising spots, there is a small park close to my house that tends to invite many people like me, especially during the after-hours. The plentiful bushes create many secluded spots that are perfect for some private fun under the night sky and thus local gents walk around mysteriously, looking for some action.

Last week there was a massive snowstorm in Athens, turning the whole city in white. We haven’t had that much snow in the last decade so as you can imagine everybody was very excited and spent the whole day on the streets playing with the snow, defying the current lockdown rules. The last time the city was covered in that much snow, I hadn’t discovered how exciting outdoor sex was yet. Consequently, the first thing I wanted to do when I saw my favourite park covered in snow was to ejaculate on top of my favourite bush. No partner needed, I just wanted to see my hot cum melting the snow in its fall.

The park was very crowded during the day, as every family with kids of the area went there to enjoy the white scenery. It was clear to me that in order to fulfil my fantasy I had to visit the park at night time. After a quick walk around the snowy neighbourhood, I patiently returned home and spent the whole day edging, preparing my load for the fun awaiting me.

The night came and as everybody returned home, I prepared myself for my “illegal” night walk. I layered myself as an onion made of wool and headed to my favourite playground. Thankfully, it was as quiet as I hoped. After strolling around the park for a while in order to secure that I was alone, I headed to my secret spot. And there I was, ready for some me quality time under the snowy night sky.

My cock was hard since I left the house. I unzipped my pants and took it out in the cold. I started beating it as my legs were buried inside the 40 centimetres high snow. I was loving every second of it. I was all alone with the nature, about to fulfil my fantasy of melting snow with my burning hot cum. And suddenly I hear some bushes on my side move and I jump out of surprise.

“Don’t mind me” said the gentleman appearing behind the high snowy bushes. A tall man, around his early forties, dressed in black. His hand slipped down his pants and started rubbing his own dick. He was clearly enjoying the show.

So we stood there across each other, 3 meters apart, beating our cocks. We were looking each other in the eyes. He was so sexy, with a cock that even from 3 meters away looked huge. However I didn’t need to touch it. What I enjoyed the most was the fact that there was someone like me there, at that time. Probably for the same reason. Or at least that’s what I wanted to believe.

Not being able to hold it anymore, I looked at him straight in the eyes and pointed my cock at this direction, sobbing as my cum left my body as a rocket. My load was massive, as I wanted it to be.   Undoubtedly excited by my massive load, the perfect stranger responded with a deep wailing as his load was flying away from him. Satisfied, he gave me a wink and a smile and disappeared behind the bushes.

And there I was, watching the snow melt as my hot cum was getting buried inside it. I love snow.

Panos, 35, Athens