“But it’s thick.”

I was enjoying a very hot Sunday with my best girlfriend in our favourite beach bar. We hadn’t met for a while so we had a lot of catch up to do. The mojitos were running down like water and we were having so much fun gossiping about everything and everyone. 

We got drunk early on and our giggling was hi pitch, annoying everyone around us. We didn’t care, we continued our irritating habit. We kind of wanted to make everyone leave so we could speak about more intimate stuff too. And we managed to do so!

Around 5pm we were alone. All the sun-beds around us got empty so it was time for us to start talking about all the summer boyfriends that we had. Or we could have. We had such a great time, my cheeks still hurt from all the laughing. We got to be proud of how slutty both of us were and share it with each other. You know girls cannot be proud of how slutty they are, because it’s not very socially accepting. So it felt good sharing with each other.

At some point I desperately wanted to have a cigarette, but neither of us had any. “Here you go” and a  hairy arm appeared between our sun beds, handing over a pack of cigs.

“I am not ears dropping, but you speak very loudly so couldn’t help it” said the body that the hairy hand belonged to, obviously trying to calm our shocked faces. Apparently we were so lost in our fun that we didn’t notice there were people behind us. Many of them, like 4 groups of people. 

Both of us were so shocked. Kind of speechless. We felt so embarrassed. We were talking about thick cocks, muscly bodies, and our adventures with them. I accepted the free cig, thanked the handsome surfer and giggled with my friend about the fact that we will never return to that beach bar.

A bit later we decided it was time to go. The alcohol was leaving our embarrassed bodies and we wanted to dig a hole and hide inside. I wanted to have a quick visit to the toilet first and then we could run away.

I entered the bar’s toilets and the handsome surfer that offered the cig was there washing his hands. I smiled politely as I went to do the same.

-“I believe you had a very interesting summer”, he said smiling. And I thought -fuck it, own it!.

-“Yes I did! How was your summer?”

-“Not as adventurous as yours, but still great. Didn’t have that much sex though, was working a lot.”

-“Bummer. You are hot, I wonder why.”

-“I guess I am shy.”

-“Well, you offered me a cig so at least you are polite. Even though I was talking about devouring dicks. Which makes you kind of cool too, so I’ll give you that. Handsome, polite, and cool. If your dick is thick then you are a catch.” I DONT KNOW WHAT GOT INTO ME BUT I WAS LIVING THE MOMENT.

-“Medium size.”


-“Yeah around that.”

-“That’s cute.”

-“But it’s thick.”

-“Oh. I don’t believe you though. I have to check.”

And he was kind of shocked. He didn’t reply so I got that as a green light, so I raised my hand and grabbed his bulge that instantly got hard.

“Ok you are not lying. So you are a catch indeed. See you next Sunday.” And I walked out as a queen. I didn’t pee, I didn’t want to destroy the moment, lol. I was not planning on going back next Sunday, but I was in that bitchy attitude that I was really enjoying the moment. I guess I am a bigger slut than I thought.

A piece of advice to all the girls out there. Be the slut you want to be. Own it. It feels good.

Vanessa, Porto