“More dirty than before.”

It was a Wednesday. I had forgotten that the gym would close for a couple of days due to construction work. However my trip going there was not in vain. They let me in and told me to rush as the building would be closing in an hour or so.

I did my cardio, did some weights, and decided to head out as the construction workers were already inside and moving things around.

The locker room was already full of sweaty workers. I have seen many porn films starting that way. But I decided to not be slutty and skipped showering as it was kind of intimidating.

I left the gym quickly. I was at the hall waiting for the elevator to come. The floor was surprisingly quiet even though there was work happening two doors down. The lift comes and I enter. Nano-seconds before the doors closed I hear “hold the door please!” as one of the previously mentioned sweaty workers was rushing in.

He was the hottest of the bunch. Tall, brown hair, thick beard, thick arms, and the hottest thing on him: his thick thick fingers. Sausages attached to a palm. His pants were dusty and his white tshirt was no longer white. The doors closed and my eyes were scanning him from top to bottom.

“Sorry, I stink” he said as my mind was coming up with the 14th way that I could unzip his pants.

“No worries” I replied smizing.

“It’s disgusting sorry” he insisted.

“Some find it sexy” I added.

“Are you one of them?”

I laughed. Wait what?!

“Depends the party” I said.

“Interesting. Maybe I should attend a party like this then. Would you like to get my number?”

We had reached the ground floor and the doors opened. “Sure” I said calmly as we both exited the elevator and I gave him my phone so he could write his number.

“I will be waiting” he said as he was handing me back the phone. “Take care handsome” he added as he ran the other way.

“Dirty George” was the name he wrote. I couldn’t believe it. He looked so straight, I would never have guessed. I had to text him. And I did four hours later.

“How are you Dirty George?”

“More dirty than before”, he replied and I could almost smell him.

“Any party I should attend tonight?”, he continued.

And I texted him my address.

“See you in 30”.

I opened the door wearing only my jockstrap. He seemed taller than before. His eyes looked so horny. He gave me a very lustful look and smiled as he was entering the house.

“I am very dirty. Is this the right party?”


He took a good look inside the house, like marking his territory. He sat in the armchair and spread his legs. No more words were spoken. From that point on we were speaking with the eyes. He invited me to get on my knees and help him undress. It was clear that he hadn’t explored this kind of play before but he was interested in doing so with me.

I was licking his armpits the first time he came. But he stayed hard. So I continued licking him. The second time he came, I was licking his toes. His face was very expressive and I loved that. After his second cumshot, I got up and exploded on his belly. He really enjoyed that.

Nick, Athens.