“Morning person.”

It was a casual morning commuting to work. An ambient mix was playing on the headphones. I hadn’t had coffee yet. I was moving by default, my body just knew the routine.

The station was not that crowded. I get inside the train and thankfully there is an empty seat. Still sleepy, I raise my head and gaze outside the window right across me. The morning sun was warm and relaxing.

We arrive at the next stop. Only one person enters the wagon. And he sits right across me. He was wearing a red hoodie with some yellow typo printed on it.

“Morning person” was the tag. Fitting, I thought. I was feeling jealous for his productivity and overall early attitude.

“It’s a lie”,  he said. I laughed. “Thank god because I felt bad” I continued.

“What are you listening to?”

“Ambient stuff. Nature sounds”.

“Oh nice. I love nature”.

“It’s relaxing me and help me wake up. I need some time till I am ready to operate”

“What do you do?”

“I work in advertising. You?”

“I am a veterinarian.”

“I had a cat once. She died.”

“Sorry to hear that. I am sure she was lovely. Do you know Samurai Pizza Cats?”

“Samurai Pizza Cats?! What’s that?”

“It’s a very old anime with a bunch of cats that were working in a pizza shop and were samurais fighting bad guys. So good. You should watch it.”

“Haha ok. Sounds so cool. I will check it out!”

“I have all the episodes. I can send them to you if you want.

I giggled.

“Oh, that’s me. Have a good morning stranger. Text me so I can send you the cats” and he gave me his business card as he was leaving the train.

“Thanks Samurai” and I smiled.

He was not exactly my type, but that “morning person” attitude was very appealing and inspiring. I did text him and he did send me the files. I watched the anime, it was indeed very cute. I proposed him drinks because I felt like I needed more of his comforting aura. And we had a date, that was not exactly a date, but we did end up kissing at the end. So I guess it was a date after all. And now we are watching samurai cats delivering pizzas naked in bed and the comforting feeling is here, and that’s exactly what I need. And my dick works again. So I guess he is my fluffer. And my boyfriend.

Greg, Berlin.