“I want more of that.”

It was Wednesday morning and I had to take the train to the airport. Before leaving London, I wanted to see A once more to say goodbye. I first met A four days ago in a pub. That night we ended up fucking our brains out. When I say fucking our brains out, I mean screaming so much and banging the bed to the wall so hard the reception had to call us twice to tell us to take it down a notch. We were so loud the guests of the neighbouring rooms were complaining.

Unfortunately we couldn’t fuck again, so we decided to have a quick breakfast at the train station. The moment we met, both of us got hard instantly. Our fuck fest was still fresh in our memories.

The restaurant was very busy and there were not tables available. The gay server wanted to help us so he offered us the table that was at the very back of the place, exactly on the side of the serving station. We could not be picky so we sat there and quickly went through the menu. Eggs were ordered and we started reminiscing the amazing night we had spent together. 

A is not a shy person. He is very vocal and he is not filtering his words, usually. He had a great time with my dick inside his ass and he was letting me know. During that night, he had insisted to record my hard rock cock destroying his ass and thankfully we did so. A very artistic video if I may add.

Even though the place was very busy, our server was staying put at the serving station, just a breath away from us. His colleagues were asking him to assist them, but he was faking he was busy. And then I realised he was ears dropping on us and our sex talk. 

That’s when I became vocal too. I ensured A that I had a great time as well and I would love to demolish his ass again in the future, and record tons of videos of it. I let him know that my dick was hard as a rock and my denim trousers were restricting me. I wanted to watch that video once again. I took the phone out and placed it on top of the table so “both” of us could enjoy it once again.

The eggs arrived, but I did not pause. A understood what was happening.

“Please let me know if you need anything more” the server said as he stood there watching our video.

A looked me in the eyes and whispered “I want more of that”, pointing at the video before raising his eyes to meet the server’s overwhelmed face.

The server stood there, with his growing bulge right above our plates. He used the tray he was holding to cover the left side of his waist. We could see it growing, but the rest of the restaurant could not. 

A slowly moved his right hand towards the end of the table, and raised his pointer to sensually caress the server’s bulge. His dick was pumping. Everything was very exciting.

Unfortunately the fun had to stop there as the server was called back to work. A and I really enjoyed what had happened. We were his fluffers. And rightfully so. 

“It’s on me” the server winked at us when we asked for the bill. And we left the restaurant exactly as we had previously entered. Hard. 


M, London