“Do I like him? Like crazy.”

Every morning I get my coffee at this cute place at the corner of my house. Not only the coffee is good, but most of the times is also free. You see, there is this guy that works there and we have been flirting since I moved to this neighborhood 2 years ago. Maybe his positive energy was one of the reasons I moved here. I remember vividly the first time we met. I had just seen the flat and I was excited. I wanted to get a cup of coffee so I went to this cute cafe to hang. The guy was so friendly. He asked me how come he hadn’t seen me before. When I told him that I was in the neighborhood to check that flat I remembered he said that he wished for me to get it so we can joke around everyday. So cute. And that’s what we do. I pass by every morning to get my coffee before going to work and if he works the morning shift then we spend like half an hour laughing about silly things and viral memes. Nothing more has ever happened. Just a couple of kisses on the cheeks. Do I like him? Like crazy. But to be honest I am afraid that if things get sexual between us then we might loose this magic cute little friendship we have built. I prefer to joke with him about awkward and unsuccessful dates. He is like my psychologist buddy that I have mini sessions everyday. However, I have fantasied of his thick and juicy cock raping my hungry pussy occasionally. The dream is that good that I believe the reality would be disappointing. So, I will keep having my morning coffee sessions with him. Maybe one day I will flash my tits. Maybe one day I grab his bulge by mistake. Maybe one day my fantasy will become reality and we will fuck on top of the bar.


Maria, 29, Athens