“In my mind, his hand is always touching me.”

It was Monday afternoon and I had just finished work. I was supposed to meet my girlfriend for drinks after work so i thought it would be cute to go pick her up from her office. It was rush hour so the streets were full of people. So was the metro. I got on the train and I barely found some free space to fit myself. The train started and I didn’t have anywhere to hold myself. The train was beyond packed. At some point, I felt something touching my bulge but didn’t pay attention since everyone was touching everyone. I couldn’t see anything though so I said ok that’s my imagination.  Some seconds later the touching became actual cupping. Then I noticed the arm of the guy in front of me moving. Could it be him touching me? He was a normal guy, around 35yo, in a black suit, with his back in my face. Not the pervert type. No way he was touching me, it’s my imagination, I thought. And then I feel the zip of my pants getting down. And then the hand that was cupping me is now inside my underwear, playing with me. It didn't take long for my cock to get hard. The hand was now stroking my hard cock firmly. It was the guy in the suit in front of me, I was sure. He turned his head slightly just to wink at me. I was in shock. This was the first time a man touched my cock. And it was in a very public place. The excitement was overwhelming. I was too stressed about being seen, but no one was looking at us. I was about to come. I grabbed his hand in order to stop him but it seems that he understood that I was about to come. He then grabbed my cock even harder and stroked it for one last time. I came. He let my cock go and moved his hand in front of him. I saw that he was smiling. My cock was harder than ever before while I was fucking my girlfriend later that night. I haven’t stopped thinking about this. Now, I always get hard if I hop on the metro. In my mind, his hand is always touching me.


L, Athens