“You are much more than they could ever dream of.”

Last Saturday night was wild. There was this party that my friends and me we were really excited about. The dealer was fully stocked so we got supplies for the whole weekend. I am a greek living in London and what I enjoy most of my time here is being myself. I can put the craziest outfit I own and no one will bully me or make me feel uncomfortable, something that was the norm back in the stupid tiny homophobic town I am from. Glitter? Oh honey. It’s Saturday after all. The party started from home, with all the gang gathering up to spill all the tea about who fucked who the past week, and which boys we would see later at the party. A couple of drinks and a couple of lines and we were good to go. We got there early so we would enjoy the whole night. We got in, the crowd was wild since the beginning. I went to check my coat instantly so everybody would admire my eleganza extravaganza right away. And there they were. An angel. They were tall, blonde, slim, gorgeous. With swarovski tears under their eyes and a salmon see-through top. A true magical fairy among us on this bloody boring earth. “Hi gorgeous” they politely said while their hand was asking for my coat. I gave them my hand instead. “A santé.” Cute right? They laughed as well. “Of course she speaks french!” they said and I blushed. “I am Sam, nice to meet you.” they said. “Nikos, nice to meet you too.” I replied. “Oh a greek butch that is.” Giggles. The person behind me was kind of in hurry so we had to wrap things up. “Have a lovely night greek goddess” they said as I was giving away my coat.


The night was wild, with trips and k holes and everything in between. But I could only thing about Sam and their powerful aura. 15 drinks later I was not feeling very well. A boy wanted to make out and kind of pushed me to do it but I was not feeling it so I had to leave the dance floor. I found myself sitting at the stairs close to the door, trying to wake up. A blink later, someone was sitting besides me. It was Sam. Their hand was around my back, hugging me. Their touch felt soft as a feather.

“Having fun gorgeous?”

“I guess.”

“Any cute boys flirting you tonight?”

“More like torturing me.”

“They don't deserve you. You are much more than they could ever dream of.”

And then I don't know if I was still high or if a higher power suddenly pushed me, but I was having a moment of clarity. “What are you? Where have you been? Why I haven't seen you before? Why I haven't kissed you?”

They smiled, leaned on and kissed me. “I am an angel, and I came down to earth to find you and make you happy.”

So, then I started puking up. I am not kidding. And then the next thing I remember is waking up on my bed, stinking, semi naked, with everything spinning. Fabulous, right?

My roommate was laughing so much with my mess, joking about how I was mumbling in greek things that not even the greeks could understand. I told him about Sam trying to put the pieces together and see how this turned out but no one ever saw me talking with them neither at the beginning of the party nor at the end when we kissed. Was I that high that I made everything up? Maybe they were truly an angel that visited me on my dreams? What a drama. I went online, stalked everyone, and I couldn’t find them. Half week in and I was still thinking about them all day long. By Friday I said to myself that I would have to forget about it and move on because apparently I couldn't find them. Still destroyed from partying, I finished school and just wanted to get back home and die. So there I was, walking down the street, when I heard someone talking to me from behind my back. “Hi greek goddess. How is mount Olympus?”

I felt my knees cut in half, butterflies on my chest, tickling on my fingers. So they are real! I didn’t dream about it! “Hi!” I screamed.

“Ok, you have to tell me everything about that night. You were wild. Drinks on me!” they said, grabbing my arm, leading me to what would be an amazing spontaneous date night.

Angels do exist and they kiss amazingly.