"Extra bacon."

I make burgers for a living. I recently moved to Lisbon to study and I wanted a night job to make some money. It’s been a month now and I am loving every moment in that shop. It is in a very central area, with many bars and clubs round so we are very busy at night. I know no one here so it is a very good way to meet locals and have a laugh. Because serving food to drunk people is very enjoyable.

I am friendly, in general. But I can be mean too. You buy burgers, you don’t own me. So if you are mean to me then your burger will have less bacon. It’s the unspoken rule. But if you are friendly and polite then your burger will be a juicy fantasy.

The other day J passed by to have a burger right before his shift. He is working the door at a club close by and he is always treating himself a burger before. Gorgeous guy, hairy as fuck, but the blond way. Amazing smile, and soul-piercing eyes. We always have a laugh.

That night though, he was not in a good mood. I felt bad for him so in order to cheer him up, I put extra bacon on his burger! Like, seriously extra. That made him laugh and everything seemed normal again. He thanked me and invited me to the club later on for a drink.

Our shift ended and we decided with my coworker to get to the club that J is working. He was really happy to see us. He let us in for free and wished us a great night.

I was having lots of fun, the music was great. But my mind was on J and his sad puppy eyes. I decided to get a couple of shots and go to see him outside. When he saw me approaching with the shots he laughed and called me his guardian angel. It was late so there where no people outside. I stayed with him to keep him company.

We talked about the city and our experiences there. We made fun of the drunk people leaving the club. We had a great time in general. And during all of this time, he was smiling more and more which made me happy.

The sun was coming up and the club was closing. I stayed with J till the end, he locked up and we left. We were going on different directions though so we had to say goodbye. He gave me a big, warm, strong hug and whispered “Thank you, I needed that.”, and kissed me on the neck, before walking away.

That happened four days ago and I still feel the warmth of his hug. I haven’t stopped thinking about kissing him. I am writing this and I feel warm. I don’t have his phone number, I don’t know where he lives or what he is doing besides working at that club. Till that hug I thought that he was straight actually. I am not sure if I will get to hug him again. But what I know for sure is that the next time I make him a burger, I will put extra bacon. TONS OF BACON.