"I’m on my way."

I tend to do two things during summertime when at home. Order iced coffee online. Walk with just a top and my underwear. Sometimes the combination of the two is quite sexy.

It was to be a lazy August Sunday, my only plans being to meet friends late in the afternoon for a coffee downtown. I had just woken up and the need for an iced coffee and some light breakfast was in full effect. I did my usual breakfast routine, ordered online and, soon enough, the doorbell rang. The delivery boy was young, muscled, and folklore. Dark skinned with a crop haircut and wearing some tight sports clothing. I didn’t pay too much attention, but gave him a tip and went on with my lazy Sunday.

Several hours later, as the time to meet my friends was hastily approaching, I get a notification on a social media that some unknown person had followed; it was the delivery guy. Being very bored with my life I immediately followed back, and after noticing that we didn’t have any friends in common I messaged:

-How did you find me?

-Saw your name through the delivery application.

-Ah, nice!

I didn’t reply further but did start to wonder, why? Possibly a promo act for the coffee store, it’s alright. Could it be though? And then…

-You were looking hot with those underwear on.

-Next time you bring coffee I’ll remove my T-shirt as well.

-I’m on my way right now.

I didn’t have much time between the last message and the second time he rang my doorbell. The delivery boy did deliver a second coffee and soon his shaved muscled body was naked on my bed, shaking due to anxiousness but very eager to please with his tongue. In the end, I came in his mouth which was the only moment when his dick became hard and he came himself, while on his knees.

Some days later he blocked me, but the dream did come true on a lazy August Sunday,

C, Athens.