“For you.”

The club was full. Packed with topless sweaty guys ready for anything. Everyone was so horny and high, entering the room felt like entering a sauna. Everyone was kissing everyone and many dicks were out. 

It felt like you knew everybody, even if u didn’t.  Guys were sensually touching you, inviting you to accept and experience the arousing euphoria that was taking over the room.

All types of sexy people were inside that room. Dancing as one. However, the sexiest guy on the room was the one with the tshirt on. Literally the only one wearing a tshirt. A cub, in his early 30s, with an extremely sexy rounded belly and pleasantly furry arms. He entered the venue bit after us, alone. Not only did I turn my head the moment he entered the room, I also kept my eyes on him for a while. 

He was shy. It felt like it was his first time in a club, at least a gay one. His eyes were going around in a frenzy, trying to understand what was happening. I mean, I get it, even for me, an avid nightlife enthusiast, that night felt more special than usually. 

He was clearly enjoying the topless guys dancing beside him and the overall euphoria. But he was too shy to take his tshirt off. He was stressed. He was going around the room, as dogs do when they enter a new space. He was trying to understand the surroundings in order to feel more safe. 

He saw me looking at him and he shyly turned away. But I kept looking at him. He reminded me of my younger self. I used to be a shy guy as well. But now I was naked.

I felt I had to help him out. I started with a wink and a smile. He smiled and winked back, instantly turning the other way. Even though it was dark and full of smoke, I could tell his face had turned red. 

I approached. He did see me but he had his face looking at the floor. 

“I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous.”

“Oh… thank you. You are very handsome” he replied shyly. 

“Have fun tonight” I smiled and raised my beer to cheers his. 

I went back to my friends as I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to let him know that he was seen and wanted. 

Throughout the night, I was keeping an eye on him. He was getting more and more relaxed, accepting his presence in such a space. Guys dancing around him were bumping into him, by mistake and on purpose, but he was getting more and more used to physical contact. 

From time to time he would look my way and wink at me as if we were something more than two strangers in a club. Our friendship had started to form. At one of our eye connecting moments I urged him to take his shirt off, showing him with my hands how simple that would be. But he was waving no. It was too early for that. 

A couple of hours and some beers later, as he was dancing alone in his favourite corner, I saw him taking the tshirt off. All the guys around him clapped and yelled enthusiastically. He smiled so happily. 

I felt relieved. I no longer had to pay attention to him. He was finally ready to accept himself and enjoy the ride. I sent him kisses across the dance floor and he blew me a kiss back.

After a lot of dancing I had to sit down and catch my breath. Within seconds after I landed on the nearest couch, I felt someone poking at my back. 

“For you.” The shy cub had brought me a shot. 

“You are an inspiration. Thank you for being you.”

I was holding my tears. I gave him a warm hug and assured him that he is not alone. It may have taken him a while but he finally found his community. 

He was a farm boy and he had just moved to the city. I promised him that I will be his fairy guardian. And the next time we meet, I will take him to the bear bar. 

“Thank you.”

 And now? He cannot stop woofing at strangers!

E, Rome.