“Would you like to watch?”

I love going on vacations alone. For the past decade, at the end of August, I always plan something alone. And it usually is at the same little hotel by the sea in south Crete. I have been going there for a while now so I know the owners, the neighbours, the locals running all the small tavernas around etc. It’s really relaxing for me. Swim, eat, read, sleep, repeat. I am in my own little bubble and I adore it.

This summer was a bit different thought. Even though I was on the same relaxing schedule as always, my stay at my favourite little hotel was not as chill as I had been used to. The reason for that was I was sharing my balcony and a connecting wall with a German straight couple staying next door. The guy was around 50, bald, big blonde/white beard, tall and muscly. He seemed very quiet and easygoing. The wife was a bit younger, blonde as well, with a very fragile skin. She looked like a model.

They arrived a couple of days after me. I was at the balcony reading my book, as I do every afternoon till it’s time for bed.  As they were checking the room and getting settle, the guy, Jonas, opened the balcony door wanting to check the view.

“Hey neighbour” was his salute, as he approached and gave me a firm handshake. He introduced me to his wife Emma, and noted that they are very quiet and will make sure to let me enjoy the magical view in peace. It was their first time on the island and they were joining some friends from home that have been coming for many years. They then got inside the room and got ready to go meet their friends for dinner. They came back a couple of hours later. I was still there reading my book. 

“Hey neighbour”, Jonas came to the balcony to enjoy the picturesque landscape that was sucked in the darkness. Ten minutes later, and after a few words exchanged, Emma very politely knocked on the window door, signaling to her husband that it was time for bed. 

“Goodnight neighbour, my queen is calling.”

Even though they were very polite and cute, I prefer my solitude. So I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to share my beloved balcony with them that much in the upcoming days. Minutes later, and as I was trying to decide if it was time to call it a night, a squeaking noise started sounding. It was obvious that Jonas and Emma were having sex. 

I started laughing. But then Emma started screaming “ya, ya, ya” and Jonas was growling as an angry bear at the zoo. I was not laughing anymore. I got aroused. Should I stay in the balcony? Should I get inside my room and put on my noise cancelation headphones? I was not sure what I should do.

I stayed there and pretended I was reading my book. In reality, I was trying to visualise the positions they were doing and how big Jonas’ dick was. Their fuck session lasted around 20 minutes and ended with Jonas screaming something in German as he was ejaculating on Emma’s breasts. Or at least that’s what happened in my head. I managed to restrain myself from getting my dick out and jerk off. 

Some minutes later, I heard the balcony door opening and saw Jonas getting out wearing only his boxer. 

“Oh, hope we weren’t very loud. I know I can be a screamer”.

I was literally speechless, incredible ashamed that I was obviously ears-dropping. I made a cute little laugh and proceeded with “don’t worry, that’s ok.”

The enigma regarding the size of his dick was still torturing me so my eyes just went there. His boxers had a cum stain as his dick was still wet and dripping cum. I was trying to hide my boner, but apparently I was not very successful. 

“Ha, is this because of us? Don’t be shy.”

His voice was so calming and warm, despite his gigantic physique. His eyes were genuine and alluring, while his beefy arms were oozing sexiness. I have a thing for men like this. 

“I am sorry, but couldn’t help it.”

“No worries, it’s our pleasure. We are a very sexual and open couple”.

And then Emma knocked on the balcony door again. “Oh, time for round two” and sexy Jonas got up again. He scratched his balls intensely and headed for the room. Just before entering back in, he turned his head towards me and very casually said;

“Would you like to watch?”

My dick pumped. I felt my ears getting red and my butthole gapping. I gasped, trying to clear my head and accept the opportunity before he continued “It would be our pleasure to throw a show for you.”

“I would love that.” How could I say no?

After welcoming me in, Jonas moved the arm chair that was in the room, placing it in the perfect angle for me to enjoy the show. “Honey, we are having a spectator, we have to do our best”, he very naughtily nodded to his sexy wife. She gladly accepted the responsibility and promised to do her best. 

As I was hoping, Jonas’ dick was enormous and veiny. It seems that in the previous round, he came inside her, as I could see the sperm dripping from her cunt. 

Jonas prompted me to get naked and feel free to jerk off, as I did. He wanted to make sure that I was enjoying the show to the fullest. He then proceeded with spreading Emma’s legs wide open and getting down on her, eating her snatch, with his cum still dripping from it. 

My heart was beating so fast, I hadn’t experienced something like this before. It was so arousing, watching such a masculine man being so sexual and open about it. And Emma was in heaven, as her moaning was implying. 

Jonas informed me that he likes to have a first round were he comes a lot, so he can then continue for hours, until he comes for a second, and maybe a third time. Every night. They fucked in every position possible, with small breaks in between where she was sucking his dick, or he was eating her out. All while screaming and growling. 

I was trying to not play with my dick that much and I was seriously edging the whole time. I would get up and change the position of the chair so I could see them in different angles. Or I would maybe get closer to them to have a better look. At some point I got on the floor and put my face no more than 15 centimeters away from their genitals, with liquids splashing on my face. I was smelling everything. I was feeling the heat created from their movements surrounding me. 

Half an hour later, and with my dick looking seriously red and ready to explode, Jonas asked me where I would like to ejaculate.

“You are our special guest. Come wherever you want”.

I wanted to cum on his face, but I was too afraid to say that. I lost my words trying to come up with a creative yet safe way to approach this. I stood there, jerking, slowly. He then nodded to get closer to them.

“May I?” He asked as his hand was approaching my dick. I didn’t know if that was real, or I was hallucinating so I didn’t reply. He grabbed his wife from the thighs and pulled her closer so that her ass was underneath my ready-to-explode cock. He then grabbed my balls like a cock ring and shook the whole thing from the base of the dick, as when you want to use whip cream. He then grabbed my dick and jerked me making me instantly explode, catapulting my massive load on top of Emma’s ass. He then slapped his enormous dick on his wife’s freshly soiled ass, making himself part of the mess, and proceeded to fuck her using my cum as lube. 

They stayed at the hotel for 6 days, and every night they would invite me in their room in order to throw a show for me. Every night I came in a different place, with Jonas always using my cum as lube to fuck his wife. Day by day, we would get more and more intimate, with my dick touching them more and more frequently as they were fucking. But I never fucked. I was always the spectator, with my ejaculation signalling the ending of the show. The night prior to the last, I came on his palm. And the last night, I came directly on his dick. 

It has been a month since my summer vacations ended. I jerk off to these memories every single day, and I believe I will keep doing that for a while. They promised that if i ever get to Frankfurt, they will put on a great show for me.

K, Patra.