“Geia sou koukla!”

I hate supermarkets. They are so busy, so loud, full of people, queues. I hate it! But unfortunately you cannot buy everything online so I have to go every once in a while. There is this small supermarket close to my house that I go all the time. I don’t like going to new places. I want to be familiar with the space and layout so I can be as fast as possible.

One of the reasons I visit the supermarket is meat. I want to check the meat myself before buying it. And the butcher at this supermarket is always giving me the best pieces. He is a very traditional greek guy with a thick beard and a rounded belly, always singing greek traditional songs and having a laugh with every body. Every time he sees me getting to his counter he starts shouting that his favourite customer comes. That’s me. Geia sou koukla! - welcome beautiful! That’s his favourite pick up line. Even though it’s so cheesy I have to admit that I love it and he makes me smile every time. He is always giving me the best meat he has and many times he gives me free stuff too. A true gentleman. He is not my kind of guy, I would never think of being with him. However, the way he treats me is so pleasing and his enthusiasm every time he sees me is always making me happy. A pure Fluffer. Making me smile and helping me enjoy the unpleasant experience of supermarket shopping.

Yesterday I went shopping again. We had our cute ritual and because of all the laughing I forgot one of my bags on his counter. I had just turned around the corridor when I heard him shouting -koukla! wait! He came running with my forgotten bag on his arms. He made this silly joke about blondes and winked at me as he was giving me my bag.

That wink has been the only thing on my mind since yesterday. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had sex for a month, but I keep dreaming of him eating my pussy while shouting all this greek tacky pickup lines. I dream of him spanking me while I am tied up to the bed, unable to escape his vulgarism. I dream of him kissing me gently while his thick greek fingers are inside of me. I dream of him telling me I am beautiful.

Never going to happen. But he will always be my favourite butcher.

GreekRedHead, 34, Athens