My story started during quarantine. Even though I enjoy my loneliness, two months socialising only with my plans was hard. I have many plans, you see. I love them. They are my babies and a great deal of my everyday life.

Even though I am an expert, sometimes my babes are going through some shit, so trying to find the solutions to my problems I dive deep into numerous Facebook groups where plant lovers as myself are willing to support their peers. This is where I met Maria, a Spanish girl living in Paris.

During quarantine Maria was the one person I would speak with the most. Art, series, drag race, politics and of course plants, the topics we were mostly focused on. My first good morning and my last good night. She was the person that helped me stay sane during this unprecedented experience.

On a Monday morning, her “good morning” selfie was a bit more special than the previous ones. The white tshirt she was wearing was of thin cotton fabric and the morning sun was caressing her silhouette in a way that her nipples were smiling at me. My excitement was intense, with serious fluids wetting me down there. My nipples got hard too. However, I was too afraid to respond in a similar manner. My reply photo was kind of basic, my cup of coffee covering my sleepy face as I was still enjoying my sofa.

The courage came to me a couple of days later as I was gardening. Soil had dirtied my t-shirt and I thought that this could be an interesting moment to share. “Oops” was the caption and it really worked. A series of photos came after that and at the end we both saw each other naked.

This friendship had then moved to another stage, where intimacy was much needed. As traveling was not an option, we compromised with frequent video calls and non stop messaging. My fingers were constantly inside my vagina and my nipples were always out and about. I wanted to lick every inch of her body. But I couldn’t. I wanted to meet her. And I did.

Quarantine was over and flying was permitted. Maria got on the first plane that she found and came to Athens to meet in person. We kissed, we fucked, we laughed, we cried. I found my fluffer and she speaks Spanish. I am writing this while she is watering her plans. I am in Paris you see, it was my turn to visit. We would love to be together and spend the rumoured upcoming quarantine together but we do not know what to do with our baby plants that need our constant attention. I am pretty sure we will figure something out. We own our meeting to them after all.

Angie, Athens.