"Thank you stranger."

It was a rainy day in Berlin. Shocking, I know. I was walking down the street and suddenly the rain was too much so I decided to step on the side and hide underneath a balcony. As I was scrolling down on instagram waiting for the rain to stop, a young couple jumped on my side, having the same idea as me. They were both young, on their early twenties. The guy was the typical Berliner wearing total black with cool sneakers, while the girl was wearing pastels. They were supplementing each other quite well.

They really looked in love. They were kissing and squeezing each other non stop. To be honest, it felt a bit weird because they were two feet away from me. It felt like I was intruding their intimate moments. But they didn’t seem to care. Or did they?

After a couple of minutes I noticed that they were looking at me while they were making out. I thought made it was my imagination so I didn’t respond. But then they became more sleazy and louder. I couldn’t help but look at them going. I kept looking in order to tell them that maybe they shouldn’t be that intimate in public. The people passing by were looking.

At some point the girl turned her back to the guy and winked at me while she was rubbing her juicy ass on him.

“Hi stranger”, she said smiling, totally aroused. I didn’t know how to respond so I nodded politely.

She continued with “Can you cover us?” And she grabbed the guy’s belt and dragged him behind me. She then got on her knees and unzipped his pants. I stood there shocked, really not knowing how to react. I remembered all the crazy things I had experienced when I was their age so I felt for them. Being young and horny. I have been there. And there have been others covering for me too. So I decided to help them get what they want.

I stood there as a wall, protecting them from the cold and the people passing by. I was their guardian. By the sound of it, I could tell that the girl was sucking him. I didn’t want to look but the guy’s moaning was very inspiring. I turned my head and saw him in an ecstatic state, standing there with this back on the wall, mouth open, eyes closed. She was on her knees, really focused on the performance. I could tell she was passionate about it, and clearly more horny than him.

He came really fast. I mean, who wouldn’t? The situation was so sexy. She swallowed everything and then gave him a good kiss. They got up, had another kiss and left.

As they were running in the rain, she turned back to me and yelled “thank you stranger” blowing me a grateful kiss from afar.

Youth, I thought, and smiled waiting for the rain to stop purring down.

M, Berlin.