“He undressed me slowly, making every touch count.”

I was visiting Paris for work and I booked a flat in Airbnb. The host was supposed to wait for me at the flat. I followed his instructions to get there, rang the bell and he opened. Jaw dropping moment. The most hot viking I had ever witnessed in my life. His beard was golden, his eyes blue like the sky, his belly as big as it should be. He was a masterpiece. It was a bit obvious he liked me as well because he stared at me for a couple of minutes after saying hello. We had a casual conversation like why you here what you do bla bla, he showed me the house and left. He gave me his phone number in case I need him for anything. Many times in the past I have encountered hot hosts but never did a move because I always thought that it’s not right. But this time my G spot was vibrating.

I was supposed to stay in Paris for 5 days, Wednesday to Sunday. On Friday he texted me to check if everything was ok and to ask me if it would be ok to come by the flat to pick up some stuff he had forgotten. I said yes of course. So Friday night around 9 he comes by the flat. He rings the bell and I open. We had a small chat and he offered to show me the neighborhood and maybe have a quick bite. I accepted his invitation cause the only thing I had planned was deep netflix and chill. God he is gorgeous I thought. And our connection was perfect. We communicate so well. I went to the bedroom to change my clothes to something more fancy than my pijamas. I pushed the door slightly in order to leave it half open. I noticed that he moved a bit closer, trying to get a better glimpse of my hairy ass.

Got out of the bedroom and he was standing there, across the door smiling, like he didn’t care he was spying on me. I was getting horny. We locked the door and got into the tiny elevator. Our bodies were touching each other, our bellies we facing each other. It took us less than a minute to kiss. We both bent at the same time. Our kiss was sensual and wet. Our tongues were moving slowly, embracing each other. He put his hands around my waist and pushed me closer, deep in his arms. I put my hands in his back, caressing his muscles and then grabbing his butt. We got back to the flat, kissing our way to the bedroom. He undressed me slowly, making every touch count. He pushed me into the bed, now naked, and got my cock in his mouth. He loved to make me moan. My balls were deep inside his throat and his hands were caressing my hairy chest. I grabbed my legs and put them in the air, inviting him to fuck my manhole. He didn’t loose the chance. He spited on my butt and on his cock, and pushed himself in. Slowly. His hard cock was making me feel heavenly. And in and out and in and out, his cock was slowly invading me while his eyes were raping me, making me scream from pleasure. He came deep inside me. But didn’t stop. He did it again. He didn’t stop. Then he grabbed my neck, pulling me closer. And then he came for the third time. His hot cum was boiling inside me with overwhelming excitement. I was paralyzed, couldn’t move. Every second felt like an hour and my body didn’t want to let go. I had lost count of how many times I came. We spent half an hour in the bed kissing and giving each other compliments. He then got up and started getting ready to leave, because he had a birthday dinner to attend. He invited me to join him but I preferred to stay home, I would not be able to socialize after what I had just experienced. He left and I spent my whole night thanking the people behind Airbnb for coming up with such an idea. Some hours later I received a drunk message from him saying that his cock hasn’t gotten soft the whole night and he would like to hear me moan again. That was the most hot Friday of my life.

Vincent, 35, London.