“Would you like to come to the steam room with me?”

Since I was a kid, my fantasy has always been watching men shower. They are naked, no cloths on, no characteristics that could tell you their story, where they come from. It always fascinated me how people can do such an everyday activity in a different way. I like to notice the ritual that they follow, which parts they wash first, which hands they use the most, how they move their body around under the dropping water. During these moments, these men are the most vulnerable to my imagination. I can create stories in my head with them, I can imagine touching them, washing them, caressing them, preparing them for the rest of their day. Almost like baptizing them.

I quickly discovered that gym showers are a paradise for me. Working out is tense so afterwards men are more calm, like in a zen mode. They undress slowly, with powerless movements, lost in their thoughts. And there I am, creating stories for them. Where were they before the gym? Where will they go after? How did they get that scar? Where do they like to be touched? How do they kiss?

I am shy so cruising is not my thing. But what is happening inside my head is way better than any actual physical contact that would last 5 mere minutes. Once, I was so mesmerized by a beautiful man that was working out close to me that I had to follow him to the lockers when he was done. I watched him undressing, getting to the shower and ready to be clean and fresh again. My face must have been so lost that he noticed that I was imagining things. He came closer to me and silently asked me “Would you like to come to the steam room with me?”. The steam room is usually where the cruising happens. But this is no place for me. “Sorry but I don’t have much time” I said. He smiled “bummer” and headed for the steam room. He didn’t know that he had already given me multiple orgasms. 

Mike, LA