“He was very much becoming a mentor into my sexual life.”

I was 19, few months after losing my virginity. I was talking to a guy on scruff, he was around 40, something I found very appealing at the time. After one hook up, we kept talking as if we were friends. He was very much becoming a mentor into my sexual life.

After a while, we were talking and he asked what I was up to, I said nothing really and he invited me to a cruise club. First one I’ve ever been to. I was extremely uncomfortable and slightly turned on. He sensed that I was very nervous, so he gave me a tour of the place.

We found a dark corner, and we starting making out. All the while people were getting closer. After a while, he took off his shorts and nudged me to kneel down. After kneeling, I started going down on him.

Few minutes later, a few guys he had previously met also went, and I started giving head to all three. At the moment it was slightly special because it had been a fantasy I had while growing up. So I was quite content.

Few minutes later, he took me into the private room with the swing. I got on the swing, he started caressing me and making out with me. He fingered me for a little while and afterwards we had sex.

David Rodriguez, 22, New Zealand