“His hand was covering his bulge. Was he hard as well?”

I am a marketing guy working in a big advertising company. My biggest and most naughty thought has always been fucking inside the meeting room while everyone is still working. From the moment I started working for this company I was looking for the right person to experience this thought of mine. I mostly like girls, but I have to confess that I have had some experiences with men in the past so I always enjoy the sight of a sexy man. And my company is full of these! But as a big company, all the boys are super serious and straight acting even though its well know that advertising is full of gays.

So there was this girl that was smiling at me everyday, always being very polite all day long, always trying to find the opportunity to put her hands around me and other flirty stuff. It was a bit obvious but I liked her a lot. she was totally my type, and the way she was flirting with me was really cute. However, I never gave in any of her moves as I was the new guy in the office so I didnt want to make room for gossips. So one day, we had a big meeting with some clients that lasted a couple of hours. They were pretty mad with something that had come up so we had to deal with it immediately. After they left, our account manager and the rest of the team we had to stay inside the meeting room and keep trying to find a solution to the problem. By the time we finished the meeting it was almost midnight and everyone was pretty dead. Everyone was almost gone, just me and 3-4 others were left. The girl, Elen, was about to leave as well when she came to me in front of the others and said “I am too stressed to go home. Maybe you wanna have a drink?”

I was really really tired so this was not an option. So I politely said “Oh dear, thank you very much but I think I have to pass. I am too tired!” She didnt reply and left the room quite unpleased. I couldn't help it but exhale deeply the moment she left the room. The others left as well, leaving just Jon and me behind. He laughed a bit. “Man, she is really into you. She is the gem of the office, you should really consider it.”

I laughed. I was too stressed so some jokes between men was exactly what I needed to relax. My reply to what he said was a smile. Then I asked him if he has had the chance in the past with any of the girls here in the office. “Nah, they don't play my game.” he said. That intrigued me a lot. I just realized that I have never paid any attention to him before. I was too focused on making a good impression with my work so I didn't actually “study” my peers. He is around 30 yo, normal buddy with a bit of muscles. Sexy beard. The guy next door that your girlfriends always fancy. He didn't seem gay at all. But whats his game? What did he mean? I was feeling my cock getting inspired. “Oh, so what game do you play then?”

Our conversation then went out of hand. “Well, I am gay. And more precisely a bear into bears.” That made my mind full of dirty thoughts. I instantly imagined him naked in a dark place wearing leather stuff and sucking cock. I have heard the bear term before and I actually have watched some porn with bears. “Oh, nice. So please tell, am I a bear as well? I always had a problem understanding the term. I am really a normal guy. A bit hairy, but totally normal besides that.” He laughed with that. “Well, how old are you? 27? 28? Then you are a cub. Cubs are the younger bears. But you have potential, believe me.”

I was ready to take the risk. “Oh, cub then. But in all the porn movies the cubs are the slutty bottoms, no?” He got surprised, the game was on. “Slutty bottoms? porn movies? You mean you have watched bear porn? Aren’t you straight?”. I could feel my cock getting hard slowly. I moved my chair so I could hide my legs under the desk. He was sitting on top of the desk so there is no way he would see me. “Well, no I am straight. But I have watched gay porn before. I mean, you know, porn is porn, you can get hard as long as you like the participants.”

“Wow, I have to admit that this is something I have never heard before from a straight guy. This is very good for you, being that open minded I mean. Bravo. But did you ever had anything with a guy before?” His face was totally red. His hand was covering his bulge. Was he hard as well? I didn't know what I wanted to happen, so I decided to go with the flow. “Well…”

“Oh come on, tell me!” “Well, yeah. There have been a couple of times that I have enjoyed some man to man play.” “Jesus, I have so many questions! Come on, you are playing with my imagination here, you have to tell me! I wont tell anyone don't worry.” “No, it’s not that I am shy or anything, just don't know what to say exactly. Plus… I am getting hard thinking and talking about it. To be honest I jerk off all the time thinking about sucking cock.” That was my line. I have just thrown the ball to him. “Oh, so you are telling me that you are getting hard now?” I pushed the chair back, making my legs, and my big bulge visible. I could feel my face blushing but didn't matter. He raised his arm, letting me know that he was hard as well. After that I cant remember how things went exactly, or even if we spoke any other words. He got down from the desk and came closer to me. He reached his hand out and touched my bulge. He started rubbing my bulge on top of my pants. I couldn't help  but enjoy it. We ended up sucking each other, coming inside each others mouth. It was fucking hot. My imagination was a reality. After that we would meet each other at the bathroom and jerk off together almost everyday. Never met outside work though.

Jota, Madrid