"The boy on the metro."

It was a hot day in Athens. Monday morning and I had to go to work. I was really bored to dress up or even put make up on. I was my casual sleepy self, ready to have another boring day at the office. On my way to the metro I stopped to get myself a cup of coffee and a newspaper to kill my time underground. Got on the dock, had to wait 4 minutes for the next train. And then suddenly I saw him. A super ultra handsome guy, five meters away from me. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt. He had a small beard and a very cute french nose. I was starring at him without noticing. His ass was sublime and his bulge was way bigger than average. I was imagining him fucking me on my kitchen bench and my hands grabbing his bubble butt, pushing his cock more inside me. I got so lost on my horny thoughts that I didn’t notice that he was checking me out as well. Fuck I felt ridiculous! He almost smiled at me and I turned my head the other way. The metro came and it was super packed. I pushed myself in and just noticed that he had came all the way here to enter from this door as well. He got inside, pushing me a bit. This felt surreal. Our bodies were touching each other and our faces were just some centimeters away. He smiled at me and said “sorry for that”. He had the most amazing light green eyes I had seen in my life. I felt his eyes fucking me. I could tell that he liked me too. It felt surreal to meet a guy that handsome so randomly, and knowing that he was interested in me as well! The train had one of those brake-bumps that make you bump into people. And so did he! He bumped into me, pressing his chest on my boobs. My nipples got hard instantly! My forhead was lightly touching his jaw. How could this be possible?! I was afraid I would wet myself! He grabbed me from my waist in order to avoid falling. That made my whole body shiver. He got that. He moved his head a bit more on my side. Now our mouths were almost touching each others ears. How the fuck could he know that I love it when a man whispers into my ear?! He took a big breath and let it out smoothly. It felt like his big cock was getting inside me. For a mere second I closed my eyes and imagined our naked bodies touching. His hard cock was reaching my super wet pussy and his lips were sucking my neck. The metro stopped and I could tell that he had to get off. He came even closer and whispered “Have a nice day beautiful” before leaving the train. My mind was blown away. I have never been mentally fucked like this before. I couldn’t speak even one world, I just watched him smiling at me while walking his way out of the station. I rushed my way to the office, I had to tell the girls! Never saw him again since then.

Anna, 22, Athens Greece