“Now, eat me!”

It was finally girls night out. The gang hadn’t gathered in ages so we were all ready to conquer the night. We were feeling extra special so we decided to go to the gay club. It’s always fun.

We decided to start from a bar so we could actually catch up. No boys were allowed to invade our gang that night. It was strictly girls. Three drinks later, it was time for the gay club. As we were exiting the bar a couple of boy tourists asked us where they should head next. They were looking for fun and they thought that we knew exactly where we were heading. We yelled “To the gay club!” And left laughing.

Fast forward two hours later, I had to take a break from dancing because my whole body was in euphoric pain. Such a great time. I sat in a stool to catch my breath and the server pokes me in the back and offers me a drink “from the gentleman down there”. It was one of the tourists that we had seen earlier.

He approached me and thanked me for suggesting the club. They listened to us and came, and they enjoyed it a lot. Even though the rule was no boys tonight, a straight boy enjoying a gay club is always a catch. I ensured he was staying just for the weekend and I grabbed his butt. He was pleasantly surprised and laughed. However he insisted that I had to pay the fee for that - a kiss. So we started making out. I put my legs around him and started pulling him closer to me. I felt his cock getting bigger. I bite his lip and scratch his back, living my Sharon Stone fantasy.

My friends were making fun of me and I didn’t give a fuck. They all jumped to the other tourist, the friend of my guy and they all started dancing and having a blast.

I got up from the stool, grabbed my guy by the hand and dragged him to the toilets. I pushed him inside a cabin and closed the door, still embodying Miss Stone. He was smiling the whole time.

“On your knees boy” I demanded and he followed. “Now, eat me!”

He wanted to jerk off but I didn’t let him. It was my moment.

“You will cum alone in your flat thinking of me and my pussy.”

I squirted so hard. He was such a mess. But so happy. He couldn’t hide his excitement.”

“A queen!” He pointed, looking up to me with my juices dripping down from his mouth and beard.

Best girls night out ever.