"My body was his and I wanted him to use me.”

For my 18th Birthday, I travelled Europe and got myself into trouble with my hard dick and wondering eyes.

Whilst in Paris I left my friend to look in a department store and was around the stationary and book section where I saw my Fluffer. He was definitely 25+ years older as he stood with grey hair in a suit and approached me speaking in French, I laughed and spoke English and then replied to tell me I was “very sexy and that I had beautiful eyes”. I was intimidated by the situation and stunned which I think he enjoyed. He could see that I was uncomfortable but also wanted to be there talking otherwise I would have walked away. Staring at the older man looking down at me whilst he bit his lip and smirked made my cock so hard and was like an anchor holding me to the ground to stay stood watching him stroke his crotch discreetly. He then could see that despite being uncomfortable I was enjoying the dominance he was exerting over me. He told me to follow him to the toilets.

I began to follow thinking what the fuck am I doing. Who is this man? But my wet leaking dick leads the ay and followed him anxiously to the toilets. Standing next to him in a urinal he whipped his thick, hung, old cock out of his pants. I wanted him to force feed me it and make me feel like his slave. Unzipping my pants I pushed my rock hard cock out and he reached over and with his big hands shafted the skin up and down. Wanted to suck his dick so bad that I couldn’t resist; I pushed him into a cynical and licked the tip of his head as I then forced his entire cock into my mouth and let him face fuck me. Looking up at the older man he hit and beat my face with his cock. Then suddenly I came overfilled with anxiety and said I had to leave to meet my friend and exchanged numbers, forcing him to put his cock and load away in his suit trousers.

I told my friend what had happened (excluding the toilets) and like a school girl was frantically asking her should I meet him again. “What do you have to lose” she replied enthusiastically telling me that we are on holiday and no one will find out. So I did. I met him outside the Pompidou gallery and we walked around as he showed me some nice shops and places to eat as well as the gay quarter. We spoke and I got to learn a lot about the man, He was a business professor which I think turned me on even more and had the most amazing stories with a really rich life. He asked me multiple times if id like to go to his but I just thought that would be stupidly naive, however, after walking for an hour he stopped and said sooo… “this is my building, are you coming up.” He walked me here because he knew he would make me feel awkward and I'd have to say yes. And I did.

Walking up the marble spiral staircase we got to the top, his penthouse apartment. I had never seen anything so beautiful as I do not come from a rich background which I think he had guessed and also liked. He could tell that this, for me, was exploring a new world and it gave him power and made him seem powerful and important.

Sitting down he told me to come to sit on his lap as he patted and stroked his thigh. I did. staring intently into my eyes he repeatedly told me how beautiful I was and followed by kissing me on the check, and then gently licked my earlobe and made his way to my neck where he forced his tongue onto my soft skin. My dick was instantly hard and I had goosebumps. Now that I didn’t have the fear of the public walking in, I sat on him facing him, forced my ass down on to his lap and pushed myself up onto his chest as I kissed his lips. His big, old, manly hands then grabbed my tight ass and he picked me up with my legs around his waistband threw me onto his bed aggressively. Now anxious I watched him undo his shirt and look at me as though he was going to break me. he told me to do the same. I lay there naked and he smiled to himself. taking down his trousers his dick pinned out and hit his stomach. he grabbed my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed where he flipped me and lay both of his hands on my ass pulling it outwards to get to my hole. His tongue went so deep in me as did his fat fingers. “You’re so tight he said” spitting onto his fingers and forcing his way inside me. It hurt and I was still anxious, but looking at his face as he pinned me down I couldn't resist but let him. my body was his and I wanted him to use me. After beating my tight hole with his fingers he hit my face as I cleaned the pre-cum off his head and licked his hairy balls. Pulling my hair he gagged me, loading my mouth with every inch of his white uncut dick. Now, sat on top of the man I held his cock tight in my palm as I wanked him off. He had his hands behind his head and watched me “good boy" he said watching me as I forced my ass up in the air to show off and at the same time suck him. He was close I could tell and wanted to fuck my ass bare still. I was still anxious about sex so I forced his cock deep down my throat and choked on it until I had his hand pressed on my head not letting me come up for air. His whole body was moving, as well as his legs which forced me down on to his cock even harder. Trying to come up he forced me back down with his big hands as I choked and continued to take his dick. he pulled my head off and slapped me with his cock as his massive load poured out all over my face and continued to face fuck me until I had cleaned up.

Since that experience, whenever I come in to contact with an older man in any business where I want them to ruin my ass, especially in public.