“She likes you, give her a kiss.”

Dear Fluffer Everyday,

I think that you are the right platform to share what is happening to me. My name is Helena, I am 18 years old and I just started my university life :)

I am originally form Crete, Greece and I am currently in London studying fashion design. It’s my first time living by myself and I have to admit that every new day is a colorful adventure that I enjoy so much. In this new chapter of my life, I meet new people every day. Many people, different kinds of people, from all around the world. My university is know for having all these wonderful kids with bold personalities that love being very creative in every aspect of their lives. The first day of classes I was very stressed about how I will fit in, and how I will make new friends. However, there was this girl that made everything seem more easy. Her name is Beatriz, and we call her Bea. She is Spanish and she has dark green hair to match her emerald eyes. She came and said hi during the first class! She could tell that I was feeling stressed so she thought that we could help each other out. It’s been a month now, and that “hi” evolved into a wonderful friendship. We spend every afternoon together. We study together, we get prepared for the classes together, we go out together. Last Saturday we went to this party and I tried MDMA for the first time. Best time of my life. I haven’t danced like that before. At some point, she grabbed my hand and made me follow her to the bar where another girl from the uni was. Bea then whispered to my ear, “She likes you, give her a kiss”. For a mere second, my mind was lost. What? Kiss a girl? She saw me numb and then whispered again, “it’s alright, don’t be afraid”. And without noticing my body was approaching this girl that I never spoke before. She smiled. Her smile was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. And we kissed. We were kissing for hours, till the party had to close.  I never thought that I would enjoy a kiss with a girl that much. I have done it before but you know, for fun. We didn’t meet again because we were both very busy these days. But I have been thinking about it since then and I couldn’t explain exactly how I was feeling about this. I have been trying to explain what exactly was it that made me enjoy this that much and I couldn’t find the answer. Was it the MDMA? Was it that other people were watching us? Was it Bea making me do it? I couldn’t tell. And then, this morning everything became clear. During class Bea wanted to tell me something and she approached me, trying to whisper. The moment she opened her mouth and her breathe reached my ears my whole body started trembling. It was her voice! Her whispering! Before she finished the sentence, I was feeling myself wet. It was like reliving the whole Saturday night. “She likes you, give her a kiss”, again and again and again. She was literally my fluffer. She made me ready to enjoy a kiss with a stranger. Of course the drugs were helping, but that doesn’s change the outcome. Is this a thing? Can the voice make you so horny? Or I was just weird and high? I will try to explore this. I want to see what this whispering can to me. I will keep you updated :)