"Serving our boss."

Last summer I was working as a waiter in a very expensive restaurant in Mykonos. It was my fifth season on the island and on the same restaurant. The owners of the company are a very rich Italian family that loved the island so much that they decided to start a business here. The dad, lets call him A, is a very handsome man in his forties, brown with a lot of grey hair, very athletic and with a exceptional sense of humor. The lady, lets call her C, is a 35 years old overwhelming beautiful ex model with bright skin and blond long super straight hair, accompanied by a very charming smile. The couple has two daughters, 5 and 7 years old. All of them are very polite and friendly, something that you do not usually face when interacting with such rich persons.

I found myself working for them after a friend of mine that was working for them suggested me. I can say that I am very pleased with the way they work in general. Plus, the tips I get from the clients are enough to pay my bills for the whole winter.

As I have been one of the oldest employees they have got and they trust me enough, its very common for them to ask me to help them in their villa when they have big dinners etc. So, to begin the actual story, once again they have been organizing a fancy dinner with some very important guests from abroad. I didn’t know who they were or why they were so important, but I could tell how stressed my bosses were. Even though the chef and the manager of the villa had organized an amazing menu everyone was so nervous about the reaction of the guests. Earlier that day A and C were having small fights all day long, I guess because of the stress. The night came and the guests arrived. It was another filthy rich family from NY. My guess is that the two families were trying to make a business deal abroad.

The dinner went on casually, with all of them smiling and laughing out of formality and politeness. After the kids went to bed, A ordered none of the stuff to enter the room before he let us know again.

Almost an hour later our guests left, leaving our bosses very upset. We could hear them quarreling so intensively. I couldn’t pick up any words but I could tell that she was very mad with him. He left the villa without speaking any words. I could tell he would be staying out till late. It was time I went home so I went to ask C if I could go.

“Miss, I was wondering if I could help you with anything before leaving” I said while entering to the living room to find her lying on the sofa, drinking wine with tears in her eyes.

She looked at me and couldn’t hold herself. She started crying. I didn’t know what to do.

“Please don’t go, George”  she said and a moment later she invited me to sit on the couch next to her. She then fell into my hug and continued crying with her face on my chest.

I was shocked. We have never been that intimate before. I don’t remember touching anything more than her palm ever before. And now I could feel her trembling. I could sense how sad she was and how much she needed me. Her hands were caressing my belly and her tears were all over my shirt. I couldn’t speak any words. The only thing I could do is caress her and keep her inside my hug. I was caressing her head and I could feel my face being red. Her smell was so pure, like a babe. Her golden hair seemed so angelic. I couldn’t help it, I was getting hard. She noticed my bulge getting bigger and bigger. She stopped crying. After a minute of absolute silence she moved her hand on top of my hard cock. My heart was beating like crazy. With her head still on my chest, she unzipped my pants and got her hand inside. She grabbed my thick cock and took it out. She started jerking me slowly. I couldn’t breath. How the fuck is this possible?! Then she started sucking me. Slowly and sensually I could feel her tongue wetting my head. Still no words. I couldn’t help it, I started moaning. I was about to come. I pulled her face away from my cock, I turned her body and started kissing her. She was so light, it felt like I could do whatever I wanted with her body. I made her lay on the big couch and I got on top of her. I continued kissing her. Then I started sucking her neck. It was her turn to moan. She was getting very horny and I could feel it. I opened her shirt and started sucking her nipples. My hands were all over her body. She had put her hands on top of her head and her legs were around my waist. I got my shirt off and then she put her hands around me. My hard cock was pushing her pussy. I got my pants off and let my cock be free. I took her pants off and raised her legs up in the air. I buried my face inside her pussy. It was so hot and so wet. She was moaning like crazy. Suddenly the door opened. The manager of the villa heard her moaning and got afraid that something happened to her. He was standing on the door speechless and the chef was behind him. “Am so sorry!” he said and he rushed to close the door. C then screamed “come here! both of you!”. They looked at each other overwhelmed. A second later they were both inside the living room and the door was again closed. “Get your cocks out and feed me” she said without even looking at them. I continued sucking her horny pussy while she was taking both cocks inside her mouth. I was the first one to fuck her. Her hole was so tight. Later we took turns. She was enjoying every bit of it. I could tell that she had been a good wife for far too long. Neither of us minded. She was the only one to speak, or to put it better, give orders. The three of us were absolutely silent, serving our boss. Giving her what she wanted. At the end she ordered us to come on her face. She got on her knees and we surrounded her. She was so hungry for our juices. We almost came simultaneously, filling her mouth. She spitted the cum on her palm and she then started playing with her hole. She squirted on our feet. “You can go now” she said after taking a big breath, without even looking at us. “And this NEVER happened.”

We left the room and never talked about this before. Not even just between us three. It felt like we all knew how naughty this was. Nothing happened again, and the way we all work and interact with each other remains the same. I am jerking off to this night very often, and I am sure the others do the same as well. Sometimes when I see her I get hard instantly and I try to hide it. And I can tell that her pussy needs us. I can’t wait to serve her again.

George, 29, Mykonos