"So you know?"

It was a Tuesday night and I had officially worked for around 10 hours. I was so tired that I cancelled my drink plans. I just wanted to go home and relax. I got my things and called a taxi leaving the office.

The cab was there in no time. The driver was polite, greeting me with excitement. He was a truly handsome chocolate bear, with thick arms and a beautiful smile.

As I was sitting comfortably on the back seat, I thought of checking what was going on on the apps. I opened the bear app, and as I had forgotten that the phone was no longer on mute, a very loud “beep” alarmed me of my new messages. The thing is, if you are familiar with these apps, then all these sounds are very familiar too. And as I found out, my taxi driver was familiar with them too.

After the loud beep, I quickly put the phone back on mute, trying to avoid any more gay beeping.

But the chocolate bear didn’t seem to mind.

“How are the bears treating you?”

“Ha. So you know?”

“Yes. That’s my favourite app too.”

Then we chatted for a bit about where we go out, our favourite drag queens etc. It was very cute.

But we arrived to my flat fast enough so we had to say goodbye. I ensured him it was a pleasure meeting him and I let him know that I would give him 5 stars.

It took me no more than two minutes to reach my apartment. As I was entering the flat, the app rang again. It was him, unlocking his private pictures. What a pleasant surprise. I replied with the promised five stars.

I told him that I was planning to enjoy some good wine and asked if he would like to accompany me and continue our lovely chat after finishing his swift. Two hours later, he was ringing my doorbell.

I don’t recall drinking any wine at all. We started kissing instantly and got naked. He fucked me in the leaving room. On the floor. It was as rough as I wanted. But at the same time it felt romantic.

That was a good Tuesday.

Michael, London.