"Will definitely ride it."

Toilets. That’s where the fun happens. And you know that’s true.

I was out with my girlfriends enjoying drinks and at some point it was pee time so I headed for the ladies room. There I found a girl applying an extra layer of lustful red lipstick on her lips, while chatting with her friend who was peeing behind a closed door. I jumped in the available toilet and started peeing. The two friends were chatting loudly like they were the only people in the whole world. This is the conversation that took place;

“Girl, I am bored.”

“Really? He looks cute.”

“I am telling you, I am bored. How is yours?”

“Sis. He is huge.”

“Oh la la.”

“So huge. Cannot wait to ride it. Will definitely ride it.”

“You better ride it for both of us bitch cause I am not riding mine, for sure!”

“You bet. Wanna join us? I don’t think he will have a problem.”

“Nah, I had that spicy bullshit. I aint riding a thing tonight.”

And then the one peeing was done so she got out of the wc and started refreshing her make up. That’s when I got out too. They didn’t seem to mind that I was eavesdropping. The one that was previously peeing giggled and rushed to say “sorry about that”.

I winked at her and replied really casually “but how big is he?”.

She then grabbed her thin wrist and rolled her eyes saying “about that big I guess”. I congratulated her and got back to my friends.

A couple of minutes later I saw the two girls exiting the bathroom and getting to their table where their dates were waiting. Mister Big was not only gifted, but handsome too. I was enjoying my drink and dreaming of his wrist-big-cock being ridden by that girl. I was kind of jealous. I wanted to ride a big dick too. So I grabbed my phone and texted P, my Mister Big.

“Need to ride you tonight x”


“Cu soon”

D, Athens