"Spellbound between her legs."

All it took were four stations. That is how long she stayed on the Berlin subway line U8 that late Saturday afternoon. Looking back, I often wish she hadn't left at Hermannplatz already, that she simply had stayed, and our ride had lasted forever. But that's not how it went – this is: 


Lost in my thoughts about what to do with the upcoming warm summer evening, I'm sitting in the middle of the coach on the way back from a day at the lake. My unfocused eyes are resting on the now opening subway doors: people streaming out, a few new ones dropping in. It is with the beeping sound of the closing doors, that she jumps in and lets herself fall onto the seat right next to the entrance. Something about her immediately pulls me out of my sluggish thoughts and grabs my undivided attention. There is an atmosphere, a charisma radiating from her that draws me to her. Not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable by staring like some creep, I try to keep my eyes to myself. But they give me the slip and that's how lightening shall strike me: Our eyes meet, and every single fiber of my body is immediately electrified. I can't look away and she simply doesn't. Her expression stays steady, while I feel like I'm drowning in both: her eyes and my sudden lust. 

Kottbusser Tor 

The train stops. And so does my heartbeat when as soon as the doors open, I see her standing up – no! She can't leave me already, not like this. 

But she doesn't: With terrifyingly casual steps she walks not in the direction of the doors but in mine. In front of my feet, she halts and sits down directly opposite from me. I imagine being able to smell her surprisingly heavy scent and feel it rushing into my loins. As soon as she sits, she fixes her gaze straight on my face. The left corner of her mouth playfully curls a bit and the energy floating between our eyes is almost tangible, crossing the aisle between us. It must be impossible for the other passengers not to notice the sexual tension. I regret not having changed back into my pants after the swim in the lake: Her more and more teasing expression makes the bulge in my bathing shorts hard to ignore and the excitement between us is too electrifying to stop it from growing.  


We couldn't care less about the people walking between us in the aisle to get out or on: As if their bodies were invisible to us, our eyes keep up their loaded contact while in our minds we must be all over each other. 

The train starts with a judder and makes her look fall onto my shorts. Her face shows a little smile and then it happens. I won't forget this moment for the rest of my life: Without hiding her amusement she shortly raises her eyebrows, to then fix her gaze on my face again, watching me closely, while she almost in slow motion starts to push her knees apart. The flowers on her light summer dress will stay printed in my head forever as the moving fabric is uncovering more and more of her skin. My dick immediately is almost bursting. Despite the other passengers she simply keeps going, giving me my very own, personal show. I can't wait to see her panties; my eyes are spellbound between her legs. I can't believe this is happening. And then she spreads her legs even a bit more and I hardly trust my eyes. There is her pussy! She is giving me her shiny wet pussy in all public – I can see her hairs, her lips, everything. My lust is unbearable, and she just stays that way, legs widely spread in middle of the subway, and I watch a little drop running down her labia while I can't handle my cock pressing against my shorts for everyone to see. She keeps her face admirably straight, but behind her eyes I spot our shared joy. The intensity of everything makes me shiver. 


With the train slowing down, she gently pulls her knees together again as if nothing had ever happened. Perfectly timed her legs are closing the moment the doors open. I watch the elegance of her movements almost in trance and in my awe, I only realize what is happening when she already stands in front of me, turning towards the door. I open my mouth to ask her – ask her to stay, for her name, for everything and more. She just looks at me firmly and before I have made a single sound, she lays her finger on her mouth and makes me understand: this was it. She gives me one last smile and I watch the doors close behind her. 

I never saw her again and it seems crazy to me that we didn't touch each other a single time, while I can't even count how often I touched myself thinking of her and our ride along these four stations. 

Benjamin, Berlin.